Friday, April 10, 2015

Hire me, Ellen!

A couple days ago, I mailed off the letter I wrote to a Very Important Person.

After talking about it for about two years, I finally wrote to Ellen (we're on a first-name basis, natch) and told her I wanted to be a writer on her show. It's a big leap; I can write, but I haven't written for television. I'd like to think, however, that I am a teachable bear and would learn how to perch on the little footstool while juggling and sporting a comically tiny hat. I know I can do the job and do it well. Despite my many fantasies about this dream actually coming true, I am rooted in reality. I know it could take weeks or months to hear from someone at her show, and I also know I might never hear back. It's not like I'm the first person to be like "Screw all those improv and comedy writing classes and "experience"! I'ma write a cute letter and she'll just fall in love with me and my moxie!" (It's cute, by the way. It came in a tiny box and it makes a peeping sound when you poke it.) You never know. It could happen. Ellen is forever changing people's lives; why not me too? 

I'm going to be in California in September to speak at a conference and, schedule permitting, will be heading down the coast to Simi Valley afterwards to visit with some friends for a couple weeks. They only live about 40 minutes from Burbank, so it's feasible for us to try and get tickets for a taping of the show. That alone will be amazing. Of course I'm a longtime viewer of the show and can't imagine how cool it will be to be in the audience. With a gigantic sign that says PLEASE HIRE ME, of course.

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emelle said...

I'm working as a tour guide for the summer at Warner Bros., and I can tell you that you need to be trying NOW to get your tickets to see Ellen (I'm not sure if the lottery allows you to request a specific date or week, but I know they are THE hot ticket). Go to and start working your way into her audience. If you make it into the Riff-Raff Room early in your visit, then you should be able to redeem your "real" audience ticket before you go back home.

...just sharing what I've learned in my new gig. Hope it helps. Good luck to ya!