Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 5, 2015

A couple days ago on Facebook, writer Maya Stein challenged people to write a poem called "April 5, 2015." My response is below. It has been published on Maya's site, at least for a little while, along with some other great poems.


Looping past roundabouts on the rich side of town
I’ve had your voice in my head for thirty miles
In a daze, I haven’t noticed concrete fading
into fields and farmhouses
Leaning right and arcing left
I’m far away from familiar zip codes

The passenger seats awaits a thick-hipped woman
who can navigate these neighborhoods with me
a luscious hair laughing girl
with a smile behind her sunglasses
who will rest her hand on my leg
and suggest a stop for spontaneous pie

At the all-night diner, I follow the hostess
to a green vinyl chair in a quiet, carpeted room
I scratch out words that might bring me closer
to the expanse of the ocean
Though alone, I need this testament of solitude
This table for one, single white mug, small plate

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