Sunday, November 9, 2014

NWC Day 9: Habits

Day nine of the NaNoWriMo-esque writing challenge I'm doing with some friends. I am fueled by good sleep and a bucket of caffeine. I can see unicorns!


Prompt #9: What habits have you started this year that you want to continue?

1. Meeting a friend to color. We hang out at Starbucks locations around the city and bust out our markers and sketchpads. It started as a stress reliever and has turned into the beginnings of a side business for me. Meet some of my little wimmins:

2. Going for a drive when I need to get away from my apartment, I'm bored, I have a need for speed, etc.

3. Teaching myself more about drawing. I've gotten into the habit of searching for pictures online that I want to imitate and teaching myself about perspective and shading and Other Things That Are Difficult For Me To Draw. I find chalk is a good medium for covering up mistakes. (Sorry, I mean "artistic elements.") Word to the wise: Be super careful when you search Google for images of naked ladies. Adding "art" or "nudes" does not eliminate porn-y poses.

One of the first chalk ladies I drew

4. Connecting with friends and family. Many of the people I'm close to and talk to often actually live out of state, but chatting them up on Skype or FaceTime is super easy and free. I'm a big fan of texting but being able to see a friend's face makes the conversation ten times better. And Skyping with my brother and seeing downtown Waikiki through his laptop is pretty amazing. So sun! Much blink.

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