Monday, November 10, 2014

NWC Day 10: Round

We have reached day ten here in daily blogging land. It's an exciting time for us all and equally thrilling for the writers participating in NaNoWriMo, I'm sure. My one night of good sleep was trashed by last night's adventures in tossing, turning, and lucid bad dreaming. I am, however, buoyed by a return to yoga this morning. Basically, I'm just saying I'm delirious at this point.


Prompt #10: Find a round object nearby and describe it.

Blistex Lip Medex. It's one of those Carmex-esque tubs of lip balm. It's the kind of thing that tends to make me feel a little sensual when I put it on since I have to be more careful than using chapstick in a tube, but it also smells medicinal and is messy, so it's kind of like "Ooh, sexy -- oh gross." I do like rather absentmindedly touching a bit of balm to my lips and slowing applying it (in part because a little goes a long way and I don't wish to look like I tripped and faceplanted in a tub of Vaseline), but again, medicine fingers. Boo. And I'm not nearly femme enough to walk around with a little lip brush. That sounds like accessories which sounds like purses which sounds like hyperventilating.

The tub isn't that interesting, really. It's dark blue and pretty easy to find in a pocket or my laptop bag because of its distinct shape (as compared to mistaking a tube of chapstick for a pen, marker, or tampon). It's my go-to balm when I run out of chapstick (or accidentally throw it away, which I'm pretty good at doing). Using The Tub of Goo reminds me I need to go to the dollar store for my preferred chapstick, another Blistex product in a soft orange that smells and feels luscious (despite the red-eyed, sneezy-faced visual the item name might conjure).

My precious...

The orange tube replaced my first Blistex love, Herbal Answer (yes, I am overly invested in chapstick; hush). It's only available online and the cost of shipping is more than the lip balm itself, but sometimes I add it to my cart on and think about owning a tube or four again. It started my love affair with lip balms that had shea butter in them.

Hello, lover.

Well, I've officially revealed myself as a lip balm addict. I'm off to find a support group of some kind. Or maybe break into a warehouse.

(p.s. I'm sure it sounds like it, but this post was not sponsored by Blistex. If they need a lip balm tester however...)

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