Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NWC Day 11: Cheers

Huzzah, it's day 11 of the November blogging challenge! I'm proud I've been writing a post a day (mostly) and even prouder that a few folks are reading what I've shared. This is far more exposure than the "novels" I wrote during NaNoWriMo will ever get. It's really in everyone's best interests.


Prompt #11: Where do you go where everyone knows you? Why do you like this place so much?

I guess I've been thinking about this post since yesterday because I've had Greek food on the brain since last night. I don't know that everyone knows me at Santorini Greek Kitchen, but a fair number of the waiters in the place always give me a Norm!-like greeting when I go out for hummus and moussaka. It's always "So good to see you" or an equally friendly greeting, even though I only go to the restaurant a few times a year. There are a lot of recognizable things about me, but I always figured I'd just blend into the crowd with their other diners. Not the case. There's the waiter who knows me from my days in retail when he waited tables at a restaurant in the mall where I worked. There's the flirty waiter who makes me feel pretty -- and a little uncomfortable -- but compliments tend to embarrass me, especially when they come from a boy. The point is simply that everyone in the place is unbelievably nice and that's why I like going there. And the food is incredible. I tend to go there for my birthday, which means I'll be popping in sometime soon for Greek yums. It's hard to believe I haven't been to Santorini since last year. This first year of my 40s has just flown by.

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