Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ten for T (A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 20)

1. I considered ordering a beef tongue sandwich the other day and was neither high nor under a kidnapper's control. I've never had tongue, having easily made the decision decades ago to not eat something that could've tasted me at one point in time. No clue what made me want to try it. I don't think I was that hungry, but maybe.

2. Toppings, pizza: Pepperoni and black olive, forever and ever, amen. My brother and I loved it as kids and even now it's comforting to order. Mmm. tasty, tasty nostalgia.

3. Tomorrow, I am going to cook the hamburger I bought last week so that I stop wasting my money buying ground beef that I then let live in my fridge until it's talking back and threatening to punch holes in the eggs if its demands aren't met. (That sentence wholeheartedly inspired by this excellent Far Side cartoon, of course.)


5. Tenacious: Several weeks ago, I applied for a marketing job with the arts center where I currently work. The interview process included writing a short plan for promoting our art exhibits. It was fun to work on because it let a carnival of ideas play out in my head. I was really proud of myself and specifically didn't show it to anyone or ask for feedback. I wanted to make sure every one of the ideas was mine and mine only. I was also confident about my plan and didn't want that feeling affected by someone who would say, "But did you think about..." or whatever. Longer paragraph longer, I interviewed a coworker about her work (her department sponsored one of the exhibits) and I've been super zoom-pow excited about doing something to help promote her outreach efforts ever since. There was something magical about her answers. Like I even saved her email and we're planning a time to meet and chat. I really want to contribute to the success of the art center and there's something here that needs to be explored. I'll be pretty upset if I don't get hired for the marketing job, but it won't stop me from pursuing other opportunities at work. Being surrounded by art about 70% of the week is good for me and I want to keep that channel open.

6. Someone made fun of my beloved Toyota the other day. The car is in rough shape; I don't deny that. It's got a lot of body damage and there's so much stuff in the backseat that it probably looks like I'm homeless. But then a guy I shant name saw it and laughed when he told a bunch of people it looked like it had gone through the ringer. Maybe it's the person or maybe it's my sentimental attachment to the car, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. Mostly because the car and I share some parallels: A little banged up, a little broken, but still operable.

7. TV boyfriend: Matt Bomer

Look at the pretty!

Bonus: First Famous Woman to Make Me Feel All Brain-Scrambly: TLC's T-Boz 

8. Tax refund: Sure would be nice if it would get here. Never mailing in paper forms on the last day to file ever again. Procrastinator lesson learned! NOW GIMME MY MUNNEH.

9. I want this T-shirt. I wonder if I could wear it to work. Probably should've asked that during my marketing job interview.

10. I think it's time to make a big wardrobe shift. I'm a jeans/T-shirt/flip flops girl, but I have designs on being... better. I enjoy being comfortable, but I tend to appear more rumpled/'might have slept in the car' than I intended when I catch my reflection. So a little less of that, hmm?

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