Friday, December 5, 2014

TK 5: Aloha

Well, I've already talked about my journey away from soda. Stands to reason I would now talk about my fast-food-free week. Technically, I have one more day to get through, but I decided on Monday (December 1, which was simply a coincidence and not some It's a New Month and New Me! venture) not to eat fast food or order takeout all week, which has been de rigeur for... a while. I've been spending way too many of my precious few dollars on crap food and I wanted that to stop. I still went to a few restaurants to get food, but that amounted to a world of difference. I was generally at those places with one or more someones, which meant I was being social (something else I've struggled with). I was wearing shoes, not opening my front door while full of shame and guilt, and eating a better class of food. To wit, I had Greek and Indian food during a week when I would have crammed Wendy's and Taco Bell into my pie hole more than once. My next goals will be to go another week without the drive-through and to start getting myself to the grocery more often. I currently make myself go to Aldi (sometimes and only under a fair amount of duress) and order from Peapod when I can afford it. Going to the grocery is A Big Deal for me. When my bank statement fills up with charges from Marsh and Aldi instead of grease palaces, I will speak success like my mother tongue.


Melissa said...

I'm down for an Aldi trip pretty much whenever if you'd like a sidekick. I especially love the holiday stuff (cheese) that they have this time of year.

Chi Sherman said...

That would be awesome! I generally do well when I have adult supervision. ;)