Monday, December 15, 2014

TK 15: Get Lucky

The number 37 has come back into my life.

A few years ago, it was everywhere I looked. In phone numbers. On license plates. Street signs. Room numbers. I tended to assign it to a lucky feeling, like something was going to go my way when I saw it, but I'm not sure that ever rang true. Not to say I haven't been lucky plenty of times. I'm just saying I never saw 37 scribbled somewhere and thought, "This would be a good time to play the lotto."

After a while, the number stopped appearing everywhere. A few months ago, though, I started noticing it again. I'm pretty convinced I would rent an apartment or buy a house on the spot (as on-the-spot as one can make those decisions) if 37 was part of the address. Same with pursuing a job at a company who had 37 in their phone number. Maybe I'm just being weirdly superstitious, but I believe in signs in a big way and those situations feel like good omens. Hasn't happened yet and I've certainly pursued plenty of employment opportunities where 37 never factored in. I also never got hired for those jobs. Coincidence? Ha. Probably.

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