Saturday, November 15, 2014

NWC Day 15: Strangest Experience

Starting to lose steam for the daily writing challenge, but I think it's mostly because it's gotten so cold. I was in capri pants and flip flops just a couple weeks ago! Definitely need to move somewhere where it's 74 and sunny all the time. And buy more sandals.


Prompt #15: Share the strangest experience of your year.

I literally had to scroll through several months of my Facebook history to find something to talk about and still came up empty. I suppose that's a good thing. My search stopped suddenly when I remembered Mercury Retrograde. That infernal bastard consumed most of October and led to all kinds of fuckery for me and most everyone I knew. Relationships of all kinds were tested. Some started, burned hot for a second, and fizzled out as quickly. Some were unpleasantly changed in a perhaps-forever way. That's as detailed as I'm going to get because I honestly don't want to relive the exceeding amounts of WTF I slogged through. Suffice it to say things went a step beyond 'My electronics are malfunctioning' or 'I just feel off.' I waited until the month was over to chop off my hair, as making major decisions during MR are considered a bad idea. I'm happy to report that things got noticeably better just a couple days after the planetary fubar and continue to improve. I don't know what made this last MR so rough, but you know something major is going on when people who don't follow/believe in astrology are affected.

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