Friday, November 14, 2014

NWC Day 14: Neighborhood

Two weeks into this NaNoWriMo-ish writing challenge and I'm feeling good! Definitely gearing up for Think Kit, which will be my daily writing challenge in December. After the end of the year, I'll need to find some new prompts so I can keep writing. How else will The Ellen Show producers find me and hire me as a writer? Besides, um, contacting them directly.


Prompt #14: Walk around your neighborhood. What do you notice?

The sidewalks are super uneven. I remember this from a walk I took with my dad some time ago when I made the mistake of wearing flip flops. I didn't bite it, but there was definitely some stumbling and need for careful stepping. Of course I would have been paying more attention to the ground had I not been surrounded by awesome Victorian houses. I live in a really neat neighborhood in a big-ass house (Victorian? IDK.) that's been split into five units. The houses across the street are lavender and blue and yellow with brown trim. The Republicans next door have a light lemon house with royal blue trim. My house is a brownish gold, sort of like the inside of a Butterfinger, with dark red trim. Down the street, there are houses in more traditional colors, but also wild color schemes like boysenberry and the lime/grey approach someone used on a very cool modern house that looks big enough to roller skate inside. It's a really pretty street. There's a big, tree-dotted median separating the street for several blocks and it's just gorgeous. I have fantasies of winning the lottery (that I don't play) and buying the house off my landlord. Then I would evict everyone and gut the place and turn it into one, bangin' home. Or I would keep it as a double and never rent out the other side unless it was to a mousy librarian who is also misophonic. I know, I know, it would be easier to take my Powerball millions and just find another house somewhere else, but the crux of the fantasy is evicting my neighbors, not home improvement projects.

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