Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not-so-bumper stickers

Think Kit Day 14: Lifeline

Picture This: Post a photo(s) you took this year, but never shared with anyone. Tell the story behind the image.

A couplefew months ago, my car broke down right after I'd arrived at a marketing firm for an interview. I remained parked by the curb for 2.5 hours following the interview, waiting on AAA to arrive. (Turns out they had bad directions and were miles away looking for me.) While I waited, fearing my 21-year-old car was dead forever (no, thankfully), I took pictures of the stickers I have plastered on the car so I could easily replace them when I visited the hippie goddessy witch shop a friend of mine owns. This is the view of the sticker I have on the sunroof glass. I have a complementary sun goddess sticker on the back window.

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