Thursday, December 19, 2013


Think Kit Day 19: No Limits

If money, time, or other commitments were no obstacle in 2014, what would you do?


Move overseas. Open a bakery. Hire a baker with thick, red hair in a braid down her back. Sit in the kitchen on a bar stool and write great poetry about baguettes. Find metaphor and meaning in rising dough.

Buy a gigantic house with a huge, all-weather pool. Skinny dip.

Move to the mountains in Santa Fe. Learn about hiking. Develop tan lines from a backpack on my shoulders and sunglasses against my temples. Develop a deep appreciation for dried berries.

Buy a jet. Travel around the world. Spain. Paris. Morocco. Madagascar. Japan. Learn to speak seven new languages.

Learn about red wine. Buy a vineyard. Live in a small village in a cottage. Cultivate a friendship with sturdy red grapes and fine crumbly cheeses.

Spend my days painting on canvas; writing on crisp, white paper with a rich, black pen; drinking cafe au lait; dancing when I felt the urge; laughing. Always laughing.

Go on a self-care tour: Day spas in other states that promise hot stone massages, clay masks, hot tub soaks, healthy food, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation. Seek and find my inner hum.

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