Monday, December 23, 2013

Dress it up

Think Kit, Day 23 (lifeline): Did you take any wardrobe risks this year? Did you follow a new trend? What item did you wear most?


It's not a risk in any way to say I bought new clothes, but I'm still getting used to wearing color. I dressed in lots of navy blue and black in the past and only began breaking out of my comfort zone when someone suggested I try jewel tones. It's hard for me to wear purple and not think I look like a grape, red and think I look like a pincushion, orange a pumpkin, etc., so I guess the risk is wearing color and being nice to myself at the same time. I can't lie; I'm not always successful, but I keep trying and I guess that's all that matters. My newest acquisitions are Christmas presents: long-sleeved t-shirts in a pale pink, a deep green, purple, and more. I also have a red ochre sweater I bought myself that will eventually come out of its package. Maybe later in the week when the weather starts acting like winter again and the temperature drops in the 20s.

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