Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday mornings

Start the day by sleeping in, however late that is. Amble towards a restaurant that serves a good, hearty breakfast. Dine with friends and laugh. Drink coffee doused in cream and perhaps sprinkled in sugar. Mosey towards a bookstore and browse. Sit in the stacks and flip through a picture book, or grab a chair near the window and talk memoirs as friends wander by with the books they're taking home. Hit up a coffeehouse and chat some more, or maybe do some writing. Share your words. Accompany your friends as they run errands at the hardware store, the market, that heady and exotic boutique that sells candles and lotions that smell of spice. Head home for a nap, curling into the softness of down, and sink deeply into dreams that will foster conversation at the dinner table. In the evening, please the palate with something made with patience and love. Enjoy a rich pasta with cream, a green salad dappled in vinaigrette, a wine touched with black cherry and oak. Nestle into an armchair in the living room as the conversation continues and the Cabernet gets polished off. Acknowledge the good weekend while preparing for the week ahead with planned outfits and easy-to-approach to-do lists. Know this day will come around again, perhaps looking very different. Church and croissants. Pancakes before painting. A quiet cup of tea in a delicate white mug before the greasy cloth and detective work of car repairs. Appreciate the slow day. Savor its significance as the second day of rest before the world starts up again.

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