Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just the Facts (A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 10)

1. My mom makes the best potato salad in the world. Like I’m legit excited when she cooks out because grilled stuff = potato salad (and coleslaw!) as sides. I’m also overly attached to potatoes. Shut up.

2. I will probably always purposely say 1st like “one-st.” you know. Like The Oneders.

3. I have a pathological fear of looking stupid.

4. My best schedule is to get creative around 7 p.m., stay up until 2 or 3 or 5 a.m., go to bed, get up when I wake up, putter, probably nap, and start the day over again around 7 p.m. I had this schedule when I was a freelance writer. I loved it, but I was also the poorest I have ever been.

5. I’ve tried four different antidepressants over the past 10-12 years and none of them really worked. One of them worked – I guess – for about a year before it began to cause insomnia, nightmares, and severe anxiety. I gave up after the fourth one didn’t do anything. Well, they all excelled at making me not feel any different and/or stomping flat my already-mostly-dead sex drive. Neat.


6. Foods I can't stand: Endive, any kind of hot lettuce, peas, cilantro/parsley/any and all devilish green shit sprinkled on my vittles under the pretext of "garnish." Garnish schmarnish. Bacon. That's a garnish.

7. Food I used to love and now hate/will run away from screaming: Tapioca.

8. Food I used to hate/run away from screaming and now like (aside from occasional OH GOD IT'S SO SQUISHY flashbacks): Tomato.

9. Food adjectives I wish didn't exist: Crusted (or encrusted) and burnt. On watch: Fleshy.

10. I love to drive. I lose interest in that love after about four hours, though. At that point, I want someone else to take over the driving so I can look out the window and moo at cows or whatever.

11. I get bored easily. I read somewhere once this is a sign of genius. I'm clinging to that instead of "Damn, I have zero attention spa-- SHINY THIIIIIINGS!"

13. I think Starbucks coffee is pretty gnarly, which is why I almost always get a vanilla latte. The milk and the flavor cover up the taste of burning. "Why don't you just get coffee somewhere else, Chi?" Shhh. Look out the window. I see cows!

Not a cow.

14. My name, for anyone who doesn't know, is pronounced "chee." Not kai, key, see, kay, chai, chay, tree, or, the most recent and most inexplicable addition to the list, Wendy. (Hand to God.)

15. I do not want a career solely as a writer. I love to write, but it's also frustrating and exhausting, especially when you're under deadline, aren't getting paid much of anything for your words, and/or have to deal with people who can't write; think writing is a breeze; and can be horribly insulting when it comes to something you wrote that they didn't like. A job that includes writing would be great, but sitting in front of a monitor all day every day trying to meet a quota? Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, talked about my emotional scars in therapy. *twitch*

16. My brother lives 4,345 miles away and I miss him all the time.

17. I used to think I wanted to get married and sometimes I still think I do, but there's a strong chance I just want to wear a pretty dress and eat cake.

I even started a board on Pinterest called Mawwiage and added this picture. Matrimony? Maybe. Pretty cake? DEFINITELY. By the way, that board only has five pins and three of them are dresses.

18. I should not have given up my cats when I moved.

19. I am quite scared of birds. I had a friend's pet bird land in my hair once, which I definitely hated, and my now-ex-cats used to bring them in my old house all the time. The flapping of wings sends a bolt of fear through my heart. I am very glad I no longer have to chase them, trap them, try to negotiate their departure from my home, or clean up their poor little corpses.

20. As a temp, I have worked for a variety of industries, including a McDonald's franchise management company, a call center, a mortgage company, a bank, a roofing company, and an insurance company. Some of the jobs were godawful and some were pretty decent. Most of them made me happy I was only a temp, though. Nothing quite like knowing you can make a phone call, give a couple days' notice, and walk away.


Katie said...

I am also overly attached to potatoes! And I used to think tomatoes were the grossest, because of the gooey insides. Then I realized there are some tomatoes that aren't gooey, and others you can just scoop the goo out of it. It's a whole new world!! I just ate grape tomatoes on my salad for lunch. Adulting.

Chi Sherman said...

"Adulting." I love that. :D