Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happiness (A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 8)

10 Things That Make Me Happy

(It was going to be one item for every letter in happiness, but that's only nine and I can't have a odd-numbered list like it makes me REALLY TWITCHY AND UNCOMFORTABLE SO TEN IT IS. *breathes easier* *puts down weapon*)

1. Working at an art center. I get to spend five days a week surrounded by artists and art, which changes out about every six weeks when a new exhibit goes up. I handle bags of clay (heavy little fuckers!) almost daily and if I get bored, I can browse our course catalogs and fantasize about classes I'll take. Especially the ones that are from like noon until 3 p.m. on Thursdays. Apparently fantasizing about being retired also makes me happy.

2. My dining room table, which is covered in everything from the contents of my pockets to art supplies. It's a great space to sit and watch Netflix while I draw, or entertain guests during brunch. But only three people at a time because after that I'm out of chairs.

There are only 99 markers in this box, which irritates me. I did not know one of them was missing. 
Explains those ransom notes I was getting, though.

4. This song. I fantasize about choreographing a dance that will let me see the feelings I feel when I listen to it loud and on repeat. Be sure your volume is turned down before you click the link. I about blew my eardrums out of my head. Just a friendly public service announcement from your 42-year-old friend who is probably going to need hearing aids about five years sooner jesus fuck that hurt. The nonsensical video is nothing but hipster porn, but the brief scene around the four-minute mark with Skrillex in concert is pretty cool.

5. Getting more comfortable with cooking. Like I actually add onions to things and sometimes I even feel like I know what I'm doing. Which is either instinct or blind idiocy. Whatever! I'm having pasta for dinner, bitch.

6. Drinking water out of wineglass. Because I'm fancy.

7. Making drawings like this:

Clicky make biggy

8. Fun little connections like this: I was watching an episode of Quantum Leap yesterday afternoon and decided to watch something else, so I queued up Bob's Burgers and the episode I happened to watch featured a cartoon Scott Bakula. I don't know if that kind of thing has a name besides coincidence, but it happens to me a lot.

9. My own company because DAMN I'm entertaining. I figure I'll fit in nicely at the sanitarium after I get committed because I'm already pretty comfortable talking to myself.

10. Tattoos. I don't have pics of all six that I have, so here's a shot of my last one, which I got a criminally long time ago. More to follow, hopefully soon. The quote is from Slumdog Millionaire. Here's some background about it. I like that the quote speaks to my belief and interest in fate and things happening for a reason. I also like that I had a derivative of "to write" on my person, especially somewhere I would see every day. And also, I was deeply affected by Slumdog Millionaire* when I saw it in the theatre. As in 'pretty sure I happy-cried all the way through it both times I saw it.' Can't even explain it.

* I started to abbreviate the movie title and nearly wrote "...deeply affected by SM," which is a much different blog post.

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