Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Things I Do Every Day That I Dislike or Okay, Maybe Not Every Day, But Too Often (November Writing Challenge, Day 4)

Get up too late. Have to rush to get ready.

Spend even a second wondering what my coworker is going to say about my hair today.

Put on one of the few work outfits I own. Feel embarrassed that I recycle outfits. Think about buying more clothes. Make plans to buy more clothes. Promptly forget. Until tomorrow.

Leave without breakfast, which limits my food choices (fast food, pre-packaged doughnuts, overpriced shit from Starbucks that isn't any better than fast food, or air and weak coffee at work until I leave in the afternoon, consumed by a hangry-fueled rage that is unnecessary).

Put off going to the grocery store until tomorrow. Or the weekend. Definitely next week!

Think about painting. Don't actually paint.

Think about writing. Don't actually write.

Feel useless. And lonely. And bored.

Stare at phone.

Stare at phone.

Stare at phone.

Compare myself to people who are fighting battles I can't see. Facebook life ain't real life.

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Phoenix said...

I spend wayyyy too much time on Facebook. I wish I didn't.