Monday, July 14, 2014


I am in absolute heaven.

Yesterday, I started a housesitting/petsitting gig for some friends who have alighted to their summer cabin for a couple weeks. I'm in a small, quiet house on a cul de sac. I have my pick of bedrooms to sleep in. I have access to cable and have watched Gravity (awesome), The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (as expected, the funniest parts were in the previews, but it was still cute), and Frozen (Olaf!). Last night, I wrote a draft of an essay I plan to include in the book I'm always talking about publishing -- the one that's supposed to make me world famous and Oprah-rich, of course. A friend suggested I treat this two weeks as a writer's retreat and complete two essays. It feels good to be halfway to that goal after just one night away from Casa de Cacophony.

This morning, I awoke and padded around the house quietly. I started laundry, made a grocery list, and prepared to meet a friend at Aldi. I came back to my friends' house, put my car in their garage, and carried in my groceries, feeling both like I was doing something very normal and something very surreal all at once. It feels sad that it's taken so very little to completely change my mood -- i.e., quiet, a full-size shower, cable, a washer/dryer that isn't in a Blair Witch basement -- but of course it's great at the same time.

I'll need to visit my house soon to feed my cats and visit with them. It will be hard to leave them again. I tend to get the cold paw when I return home, at least for a little while, but then they warm back up to me. Hopefully I'll be able to get in some snuggles before the neighbors come home for their nightly ottoman tossing routine. And even if I hear them banging around, at least I have 12 more days of quiet to help me forget.

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