Friday, January 10, 2014

Wrapping up

Around Christmastime, I hit a wall with Think Kit posts and had to take a substantial break from writing. Here, at last, are my final four posts for 2013. I really enjoyed the Think Kit initiative and plan to participate later this year. It helped me get this blog going. Now it's my job to keep things popping!


December 27: What event or place stood out for you this year? Where was it? Who was there? What did it look like? Did it inspire you?

December 28: Write about someone you wanted to see this year but didn't or couldn't.

The above two posts kind of go together. The event that stood out for me was my brother's annual visit home last month. I wanted to see him for more than just a week and a half, so I think that counts for "wanted to see this year but didn't." He's lived out of state since 1998, which means I've only seen him about 16 times in as many years. Christmas is great (hello presents, booze, Santa, general camaraderie) and it's made better by the arrival of my little brother. He works as a chef and lives in Hawaii, so I tend to live vicariously through his pictures of surfing, cliff jumping, hanging out with friends and drinking beer, and stories of the places he travels to and does catering work. We generally have a really nice visit. He's here for about 10 days and I spend more time than usual at my parents' house so we can visit. It kills me when he leaves. Kills. Me. Last year (meaning two-ish weeks ago), I made it out the door on his last night here before I started crying. I say lots of fantasy-type things about moving off the mainland and becoming an island person, but I don't think I'm destined to live in Hawaii. Something has to give though, and that's not just the booming voice of our latest snowpocalypse talking.


December 29: What word(s) did you learn OR make up this year? How did you learn it/make it up? Did you start using it?

I can't think of a word I learned this year, but my brain is kind of fried by exhaustion that I'm ignoring. I do enjoy saying certain words "wrong." For example, biscuits are "biskweets." I don't know why I do it. Maybe it's an English major thing. Maybe I'm just thumbing my nose at the person who once condescendingly said in a Valley Girl drawl, "Umm, yeah. It's 'quiche,' not "quichey." 


December 30: What's one step you can take to support a goal you have for 2014? What comes next?

I have a lot of road trips I'd like to take, but drive a less-than-reliable car. To that end, I'd like to save money so I can take the train to various places like St. Louis to see friends. As long as I'm saving money, I could probably throw a splurge in there and rent a car for a quick weekend somewhere. I do love to drive and jam out to CDs. Oh yeah. I said CDs. C'mere. Geritol is delicious!


December 31: What are you looking forward to the most about the next 365 days?

Getting a job and saving enough money so I can move. The day before yesterday, my neighbors to the south built an igloo -- AN. IGLOO. -- in the middle of the sidewalk. I may or may not have accidentally on purpose directed a size 12 boot through the side of it. Earlier tonight, my upstairs neighbor came home around 11 p.m. and belched his way up the stairs. During the next 90 minutes, he ran in and outside -- up and down stairs, slamming doors -- about seven times. The fifth time, he yelled FUCK YOU to someone in his apartment. I'm not sure if I'm surrounded by idiots, assholes, or both. All I know is that this latest neighbor has lived upstairs for about three weeks and I am on the verge of arson. I don't have to move to Hawaii, but I have to move somewhere.


kerry said...

CA's got surfing and it's closer than Hawaii. We also have great sushi and Hollywood. :)

Don't fly into LAX, though. Use Burbank or some other small airport.

Chi Sherman said...

Kerry: I have a couple friends trying to encourage me to move to Simi Valley. I may make it to California yet! :)