Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mmm. Pie.

Think Kit Day 11: Visualize Your Year

Draw a pie chart, graph, or Venn diagram of your year. What you measure, count, collect, or combine is up to you!

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I decided to take a look at my list of Facebook friends, which is currently at 210 people. I have refined my list a lot over the past couple years. I cut out people I didn't know at all -- generally people I'd friended because we shared mutual friends to some degree -- and got a lot better about only friending people I actually knew. The chunk of people I know in real life can be further broken down into categories like 'former coworkers' and 'people I've met once and chatted with online a few times,' but I have to be careful with getting too detail oriented. Once I let the anal retentive monster out of its cage, it's hard to put it back. I'll end up with categories like 'Go-to for seeing a Pixar movie together,' 'fellow documentary nerd,' and 'smoochable if ever single.'

I don't have a desire for my friends list to swell to 500 or 1,000 people and I've actually had issues with that before, believing there was something wrong with me for "only" having a couple hundred friends. I don't need to be so driven to friend everyone on the planet, however. I like that my list includes a variety of people, the majority of whom I know, have hung out with, have crafted with, had coffee with, laughed, etc. Perhaps in the next year or so I can actually meet some of the eight percent and move them on over.


Trena said...

I struggle with this. I'm not sure how many friends I have on Facebook, but it's certainly more than I need-or really want. I do, however, acknowledge the desire to KNOW what's happening with everyone, even though it affects me in no, way, shape, or form. (This is the same reason my mom tells me I never napped as a child-fear of missing something. Funny how that translates as an adult.)

Kerry said...

I'm with you- I don't need a thousand "friends." Mine's a little larger than I might otherwise like, but I'm not sure who I should cut. I've met and know pretty much everybody on my list. I at least know who they are and care about their lives.

I don't generally friend "friend of a friend" people and will often try to avoid the subject of if I'm on FB so I don't have to tell them I won't friend them.